Friday, October 26, 2007

The Cat's Worst Day Ever...

Poor Angus and Ellie. Today was their yearly check-up at the vet. Their day began seemingly normally--they had no idea what was about to unfold. We got up and I fed them. I ate some breakfast, and then Brian came down and said, "Let's do this." So, the mad pursuit began. First we attempted to lure them into the large cat carrier with treats. It almost worked, but Ellie escaped and bolted upstairs before Brian could catch her. She ran into the spare bedroom and hid under the bed--Ah Ha! We closed the door and figured we had her trapped. The plan was that I would go under the bed and "scare" her and Brian was going to catch her as she flew out. It would have worked wonderfully except that just as she bolted from under the bed, Angus opens the door and lets her out. Great--they are in cahoots. She flies into our bedroom and hides under our bed. We began to try the same plan again, but Brian said, "Wait!" He runs downstairs and grabs the carrier and wedges it in the door, so that when she ran out from under the bed she would run right into it. Well, it worked! She ran in, freaked out some more, ran out, and then ran back in. Now, this carrier thing is made out of tent-like material--flexible and lightweight. Ellie is frantically bouncing around in there like tumbleweed while we try to get it zipped up. Poor girl. We finally get her downstairs, and attempt to get Angus in with her. So, we have it unzipped enough to get Angus in, but when we go to grab him, she somehow tips it over and narrowly escapes. Great.

At this point, we have spent about 10 minutes on this and need to leave in 2. So, we wrangle Angus into the big tent carrier, and decide to try and get Ellie into the smaller plastic one. So, I head up stairs with the other carrier and Brian stays with Angus trying to calm him down. She went up to the third floor and was hiding under the bunk beds. I spent about 10 minutes chasing her around, trying to coax her out of hiding places until she finally gave up and sat down in the middle of the floor. I went over and patted her head and gently picked her up. She hesitated a little as I tried to put her in the carrier, but finally just walked in--with a little help. So, I carry her downstairs, and by this time it is 10:00--the time of our appointment. Angus is doing the cat version of screaming, and Ellie is quietly whimpering. Sucks.

We put Ellie in the car, and Brian goes to get Angus and put him in the trunk. As soon as he set his carrier in the trunk, Angus pees--his usual defence mechanism. We look at each other and get in the car. Of course, Angus cries the whole way there. We got there about 15 minutes late, and Brian waited in the car with the cats until they were ready for them. We brought them in and quickly saw that Angus was essentially bathed from mid-belly to tail in his own pee--gross. We get the cats out and Angus runs all around the room--leaving footprints of pee in his wake, and finally decides on a corner of the room in which to hide--I think he was embarrassed at his sorry condition. I took Ellie out and she just sat on the exam table quietly as I hugged her--completely traumatized. The nurse put on gloves and got Angus on the scale, and then decided to just take him back and hose him down--better her than me. During all of this, Brian attempted to clean up the carrier--it was completely drenched with pee. While Angus was getting a bath, the doctor came in to see Ellie. Ellie wouldn't leave me, so I put her on the scale--she is officially 3 pounds overweight which is probably like 30 pounds in human terms--Ellie, I feel your pain. She did fine with the rest of the exam and with her shot--I think she had really just exhausted all of her energy at that point. The doctor said, "Uh oh--did she hurt her nose?" I looked down and she had a little blood on her cute little nose--she had scraped it up a little. I assume that happened while she was pretending to be tumbleweed--poor Ellie. I almost started crying at that point. Ellie gladly walked back into her carrier and waited patiently until we were ready to go. They brought Angus in and the nurse said, "He did not enjoy that." Duh.

He was completely wet from his neck down--that was his first bath he hasn't given himself. He jumped from the table and parked as high as he could possibly go (on top of the little refrigerator in the room) to try and dry off. The doctor came in and Brian retrieved Angus. He did fine with his exam and shot, and promptly got back up on the fridge as soon as she was done. We decided that the best way to get them home was to wrap Angus in my sweatshirt and have me hold him until we arrived. Thankfully, it was an uneventful car ride overall. However, I noticed on the way home that Angus had scraped his nose, too. So, after $70, two bloody noses, a ruined cat carrier, a load of hair-covered laundry, and two completely traumatized cats later, we decided that we are officially done with yearly exams.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Girl!

What an exciting day! We had our ultrasound at 2:30 this afternoon. According to the tech, everything looks good, and the little one definitely has little girl parts! So, now comes the fun part of picking names. We are pretty sure about a first name, but just spent the last 2 hours in the car mulling over middle! Thank you all for your continued prayers for us and the baby. I'll update some more later, but I am tired and am heading to bed. Here are some photos from the ultrasound today:

Here is a view of her back--what a great spine!

And here she is giving us the "thumbs up!"

This one is of her praying :).

And here is the proof that she is, indeed, a she.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Into The Second Trimester

I am so excited to be past the first 14 weeks! I haven't been nauseous in almost three weeks--a huge bonus. I still seem to be enjoying sleep--I wouldn't mind if that lasts the whole pregnancy! My pants are beginning to become too tight, although I don't seem to be quite big enough for maternity pants yet. Overall I feel good. My allergies are a little crazy: the weather is making things weird, but the asthma situation is getting better. My doctor put me on a low-dose blood pressure medication after my appointment on Monday--it was still higher than she wanted. I am not thrilled to be on medication, but hopefully that will ward off any blood pressure related complications as things progress. I think the baby is sitting right on top of my bladder right now. My doctor says that should get better as the baby continues to move up the abdominal cavity--I am not sure I believe her! Speaking of, I gotta go...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My Geriatric Mountain Trip

Last week I embarked on a journey to Tennessee with my mom, my aunt, my grandma and all of her brothers and sisters and their spouses. I (and my mom and aunt) only brought the average age from 75 to 64....yes we we outnumbered from the beginning. I have several funny memories from this experience, but most notably is something I noticed around the fourth day into the trip: being pregnant is a lot like being elderly. First of all, I needed to stop at rest areas to empty my bladder with greater frequency than my grandma. This is exceptional seeing as she takes three different medicines that act as diuretics. Secondly, I knew I was in familiar territory when I requested a stop at the grocery store so that I could purchase some prunes. Turns out I could have saved a trip because my grandma and my great uncle both came stocked with their prune juice. I admit--I drank some. Thirdly, most of them went to bed before 10:00 p.m. Had it not been for my aunt and mom, I would have gladly joined them. However, they tended to begin waking at 5:00--thank God for ear plugs. And lastly, not 5 minutes went by without someone complaining about something--usually an ache or pain. I must admit, I can be held guilty of occasionally vocalizing my pregnancy "issues" to anyone who will listen--usually my husband.

It was a fun trip, and I am grateful for the time spent with relatives I usually don't get to see. Though, I will be happy if I don't set foot in a Cracker Barrel again for at least a year.