Sunday, December 30, 2007

6 months!

We have crossed over into the third trimester! Only 13 weeks to go until Sophie's due date...hard to believe. I had my glucose screen right before we left for WV, and thankfully that was normal. But, my doctor said I was slightly anemic and put me on an iron supplement--that has been a joy. The box says, "may cause abdominal discomfort.", I am back to eating prunes. But other than that, I am feeling great. I have really popped out in the last week or so--noticeable even to me. And Brian was able to see my tummy move today during church. It was really funny. He missed it the first couple of times, and then his eyes got really big and I knew he saw it. I kept laughing because it was really funny, so it was a little hard to distinguish her kicking from my laughing.

We had a great Christmas. We were gone for almost 2 weeks. Sophie got several great presents, including her bedding set, clothes, and toys. Brian was surprised with a new 80 gig ipod from his parents as well as a coffee roaster from several of us for his 30th birthday. I got some beautiful maternity clothes as well as a huge surprise from my parents. My mom saved a lot of my things from when I was a baby, and she got them all cleaned up and wrapped them and gave them to me. I cried....a lot. I am thinking about finding some nice wooden hangers and hanging some of the clothing up as decoration in Sophie's room.

Speaking of Sophie's room, we are going to begin putting it together this week ! We have a lot of rearranging to do, but I am anxious to get started. As soon as things begin to shape up I will post some pictures. My next doctors appointment is in about a week, and I will now begin going every 2 weeks...crazy! We are getting really excited about the arrival of this little one.

Our friends and family have been really generous. We have had friends give us a crib and dresser (thanks Blake and Kellie), an almost new pack and play--in WVU colors no less (thanks Shannon and Jorge), as well as various gently used hand-me-down toys and clothes. Brian's sister and brother-in-law gave us a huge container of our niece's clothing, and she was born in March so the sizes are perfect. And, we received our first shower gift from my aunt Anne and grandma--the high chair that we registered for from Babies-R-Us. It is all very exciting, and we feel extremely blessed.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

8 month break

Well, I took a Greek final on Tuesday, and now I have a big fat 8 month break from school! I am looking forward to the time off and on being able to focus solely on Sophie. I have about 3 months to prepare before she arrives, and we have a lot to do. We are completely switching around three rooms in our house. Brian's office will be Sophie's room, and we are moving Brian's office area to the third floor space and mine from the third floor to the current guest room, which will actually still be the guest room--just a bit more crowded. We have paint to put on the walls and furniture to put together in Sophie's room--I am super excited about that.

I have a huge list of other things to do around the house before the end of March. A lot of it involves consolidating and getting rid of stuff to make room for all of the baby stuff. I will also have a scrapbooking project for a friend to work on in those three months, which already seem to be getting shorter by the moment. And then once Sophie is here, I will have 5 whole months before beginning school again to devote totally to getting to know her, and I am thrilled about that. This is going to be a big year for us. Brian will graduate with his Master's in May as well--exciting.

I have a doctor's appointment on Monday; I will be at 25 weeks tomorrow--hard to believe! I am feeling really good--probably the best I have felt this whole pregnancy. Since visiting the chiropractor about a month ago, my back has been so much better; what I was attributing solely to pregnancy was actually a combination of that and a pinched nerve. And my cold has been gone for a couple of weeks, too. I am not far off from the third tri-mester! Sophie has become pretty active, and I love feeling her swimming around and kicking inside there. Brian felt her kicking about 2 weeks ago, and he has since spent time telling her stories via my belly in order to get her kicking. She actually does seem to respond to his voice. It is pretty amazing. We are blessed!