Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Better Photos

Okay, I now have a couple of more recent photos to share! The first one is of Brian and I around the new year (actually it is really more my belly than anything else!), and the second is of me and my friend Sara, who is obviously pregnant as well (taken just yesterday)--she is about 7 weeks farther along than me. Also, we went for an ultrasound yesterday to check on Sophie's growth progress. She is 3 pounds--right where she should be--and looking good! My BP was also normal for the first time in awhile.

What a cute foot!

Here you can kind of see her face: She is laying sideways
with her little arm up next to her head on the top.

Monday, January 14, 2008

A picture

Okay, as per request from Melissa, here is the most recent photo I have of myself. It is really not a very good view of my belly because I am sitting down. I pretty much just look extra plump! I need to have Brian take a photo of me standing to really get the full effect of the belly. Anyway, this is us with our niece, Emma and nephew, Nathan at Christmas.

A Baby's Room In Progress...

We officially began working on Sophie's room this weekend! Brian painted, and we got her dresser, crib, and bookshelf assembled with the help of my parents. It is by no means finished, but here are some pictures of the progression:

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

High Blood Pressure = Another Ultrasound

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Everything looked good except for my blood pressure which seems to be creeping up again. I only gained 2 pounds since my last appointment the week before Christmas, which totally shocked me. I was dreading that weigh in! So, my total weight gain is about 15 pounds so far--right on track. Concerning my BP, my doctor is having me take my medicine twice a day instead of once. One culprit for the high BP may be the weather change and the dust flying around my house which has amounted to increased allergy/asthma symptoms which has led to the use of my inhaler all of which can amount to an increase in BP. Regardless, I have to up the dosage. On the plus side, when one has high blood pressure, the doctor likes to do more ultrasounds to make sure the baby us growing big enough (I was actually measuring a little big, so I don't think this will be an issue). So, I go back on Tuesday for an ultrasound and a BP check. I can't wait to see little Sophie on the screen again!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Dust...Lots and Lots of Dust

So, we began moving stuff around on Friday. We are about 1/3 done, but still have lots to go. Brian's office, which will be Sophie's room, is about 1/2 way cleared out, and the guest room is a bit fuller, but there are still a few major transitions that need to occur. My parents are coming over to Lansing this weekend to help us knock out some stuff on the list. So, we really aim to have all of the major "moving" done, as well as Sophie's room painted, so that one of the jobs to be done can be putting her furniture together and in place--fun! The major downside of all this moving around is the incredible amount of dust it stirs up. It is wreaking havoc on my allergies and sinuses, but it also helps us clean up spots that don't normally get cleaned. I must really be nesting because this is all quite fun and exciting to me--way out of character!