Thursday, February 28, 2008

Closer Each Day...

I will be at 36 weeks tomorrow. Only four weeks left! I am still feeling really good. I have definitely mastered the pregnancy waddle--I try not to, but I really have no choice. My lower pelvic bones are kinda sore; the doctor says this is just a symptom of the "stretching" that needs to happen for birth. My blood pressure looked good at my appointment on Monday, which is great. I have another appointment (they are now weekly) on Tuesday with the other doctor at the practice. We will have an ultrasound, which is fun! We'll get a better idea of how big she is, and hopefully get some good 3-D pictures. My doctor is going on vacation next week, so it is highly likely that I will go into labor while she is gone :).

I have pretty much moved into our guest bed. Not only have I taken up snoring in the past couple of months, but I need a lot of room to be comfortable. I seem to be more comfortable in that bed than in ours. (Brian sleeps better too without my snoring and constant moving around!) I get pretty tired--not quite as bad as the first trimester, but close. I guess I'll take advantage of the extra sleep while I can get it. Sophie is already tons of fun. I get a kick (haha) out of watching her move around in my belly--so much fun, and I can't wait to meet this little one.

We are doing pretty well with getting stuff done. I have successfully cleaned out all the junk in our house, and we will be ready for a garage sale in the spring. Our taxes are almost done, I have our church worship planned for the next 2 months, and I am working on getting the powerpoints for said worship done. Sophie's room looks great; her crib is made and ready for her, all her clothes are washed, and the baby monitor is tested and ready. We had our marathon childbirth class in Petoskey this past weekend, which was a lot of fun (a friend of ours teaches it). I have even packed my bag, which we will begin taking with us to Rochester each time we go over. We have a couple of purchases to make at Babies-R-Us with gift cards from our showers, but I feel like the house is pretty much ready as far as equipment is concerned.

Tomorrow night, Brian has planned our "potentially last date before Sophie comes". It is a surprise, and he promises that it will "blow my mind". Can't wait!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Many Blessings!

Well, we are six weeks away, although apparently I look as if it will be any day. Today a stranger asked me if I was expecting twins as I was buying milk at the convenience store on the way home from our Wednesday Bible study. Nice. I am not sure exactly how much Sophie weighs at this point, but if she grows at the rate she should be according to my last ultrasound, if I went to 40 weeks she would be about 8 pounds. So, a couple weeks early would be nice...I wouldn't mind closer to 7. Regardless, I still have several weeks for my belly to continue its outward expansion.

On another note, we had two showers these past two weekends, one in Lansing and one in Rochester. What a blessing showers are! We were blessed more than we could ever imagine. I have spent several days getting stuff unpacked and organized, doing laundry, and putting stuff away. This is really the most fun I have ever had doing this kind of thing--for some reason it is much more exciting washing the baby's clothes than washing mine and Brian's! I probably won't be saying that a few months from now. Sophie's room is nearing completion--just a few final touches left to go. Here are a few pictures from the showers: