Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Knitting Adventures

So, I have been knitting like crazy since Christmas, and I have completed several projects. Here is what I have done so far....

 A scarf(ish) for my sister-in-law Sara.

 A scarf for my mom.

A scarf for Sophie.

And, dish cloths...I have made several of these, actually. 

I am pretty much stuck on squares and rectangles. I want to learn how to do hats, but I am going to have to watch some more YouTube tutorials first to figure that one out :).

Friday, January 07, 2011

"What I Did On My Christmas Vacation"

I feel like I am about to begin an essay for a 6th grade English class....

After the students left, I thought about crashing on the couch indefinitely for 2 days, but instead had one of the fullest weekends imaginable! Graduation, Christmas with Brian and Sophie, Church, Cass Park, and Christmas with my family. The next morning, I cleaned out and rearranged the RD office in Student Development with Debi and Heather...accomplishment # 1! For the rest of the week, I worked diligently to prepare to leave for WV, getting caught up and planning ahead on work before leaving, wrapping Christmas presents, and packing.

We traveled to West Virginia for a little over a week, which is always a good time. I only checked my e-mail twice in 9 days, as opposed to constantly while home - that was refreshing. Sophie found a new love: cookie making with Gran. I think that was the highlight of her Christmas break....

This time last year, I was working diligently on my thesis. In fact, I spent New Year's Eve day, 2009, in a coffee shop in Charles Town, WV reading about postmodern theory. Exciting, I know. This year, a week removed from graduation, my goal was to spend some time relaxing while on vacation. Imagine that! I finished a novel I was reading, and after that read Phil Vischer's autobiography, "Me, Myself and Bob," which was great, and which I had wanted to read for a long time but hadn't taken the time. We are big Veggie Tales fans in our house, and to hear the story behind Veggie Tales, along with its creators' struggles in the journey, was encouraging. Accomplishment # 2.

I was also able to spend some time with Brian's aunt, who is a quilt-maker and expert knitter. After an afternoon with her in a yarn shop, she convinced me to learn. I literally received a 5-minute tutorial from Celeste when we arrived home before she had to leave me with a set of needles,  a skein of yarn, and a very confused look on my face! Over the next couple of days, I watched several tutorials on YouTube and figured it out. After working on the scarf (that was originally going to be a dish cloth until I realized the knitting was too tight for that) that never ends for a week, I decided to make it into a blanket for Sophie's new fairy dolls. After a trip to Joanne's, I promptly began another scarf with larger needles and yarn, and a dish cloth with the proper size needles. FUN! Accomplishment # 3.

Since being home, I have caught up on work, continued knitting, begun a new novel, cleaned out several area of the house, and prepared for students to come back on Sunday (including a new bulletin board which will be put up as soon as I post this....).On the docket for the rest of this week: Begin Joan Chittister's book, Wisdom Distilled from the Daily, prepare for speaking in Temple on Thursday, and think about a Rule of Life.....and more knitting.

P.S. We also took Sophie to see her first movie on the big screen, Tangled, last night. She sat with wrapped attention the entire time. In her words, "That was a great movie."