Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Stuff Sophie Says...

First, I'll start with a story from tonight: Sophie didn't ever fall asleep during nap time today, which means I put her to bed early. I read her one story, and as I was reading the second, she started drifting off. As I closed the book, she said, "We'll read the rest tomorrow." Usually, I am the one who says that we'll read more later, because of course she always wants one more! So, I turned off the light, and she promptly cuddled in to me with with her eyes closed and giggled. It was too adorable. I sang her a song and prayed over her as she gently slept, and rocked her for a minute then put her down. She, at least half asleep, curled up in her bed and said, "Sing one song...twinkle, twinkle...." and promptly began her heavy breathing, almost snoring. Priceless.

After a long day of mopping up water from my leaking laundry room window, no nap for Sophie, and a huge cupful of water all over my bathroom floor during bath-time (via Sophie), I can assuredly affirm that I am blessed beyond measure, and I am reminded to thank God for my beautiful baby and cherish every moment I have with her.

And now, some of the stuff Sophie says.....

Sophie: "Maybe I need an office."
Me: "Really? For what?"
Sophie: "For my work."
Me: "Oh, what work do you have?"
Sophie: (contemplatively) "Red...or maybe, pink."
Brian made Sophie her very first hot chocolate a few weeks ago....
Sophie (bemused smile on her face): "I like it a lot."
Daddy: "Why do you like it so much?"
Sophie: "It makes me happy."
Sophie, to Brian, "You're not a man, you're a dad-man."
Sophie, re: Maria and Captain VonTrap: "SHE's captain now."
Sophie: "I'm really busy doing my work."
Me: "What kind of work are you doing?"
Sophie: "I am going to the city."
Sophie: "Oh, hi Friedrich (from Sound of Music), it's me, Sophie. I'm just calling you....um hum, yep."
"That was a GREAT movie." (after seeing Tangled in the theater)
"She has a BEAUTIFUL dress." (in reference to any dress, bathrobe, towel...her taste is not discriminating at this point!)
"Pissketti" instead of spagetti
"Cloff-cloff" instead of washcloth


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Lynne said...

Oh, Sophie - nana loves you so very much!